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Someone asked me today why Emefiele is behaving like a God, defying the Supreme Court and treating our sufferings with utter apathy. I told him that without a presidential backing, the CBN Governor wouldn't have the effrontery to be making our lives miserable. President Buhari has apologized for our hardships, but nothing has changed. Without any relief for the people, the apology sounds like a cold comfort. 

No elected President taking over from Buhari will sustain this insensate cruelty. Even the N20,000 cash withdrawal limits have stopped because the CBN is not giving money to the banks. The ATMs are also deserted because the banks cannot load money that is not available. 

You can see anger and frustration on the faces of Nigerians. People now beg for N200 to pay for their transport fares. This level of cruelty against the people is unprecedented in our recent history. Network failures have become even worse since introduction of this poorly implemented policy, thanks to Emefiele's catastrophic incompetence. You wake up without even N500 in your pocket. Currently, I'm owning a phone seller N5,000 because of persistent network failures. He is the one who helps me with little cash and I pay him with my ATM card. 

A situation where even the cash withdrawal limits imposed on us by the CBN is not working makes the whole policy look like a joke. How can you subject ordinary people to this endless hardship and go to bed🛏️with clear conscience? Our situation is so bad that people are praying they had the power to bring May 29 forward in the hope that it will end our misery. Denying people access to their own money despite the cash withdrawal limits is unspeakably wicked.

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