1. Anaruwa: child born while it rains

2. Ango: A male child who was born during a marriage ceremony in a household or family.

3. Arzika - A male child whose mother undergoes severe child labour before he was born 

4. Asabe: child born on Saturday 

5. Auta: Last born in a family.

6. Babangida: This name is given to a child who bears the same name with his grandfather in a family.

7. Babba: A big-brother to one or elder brother.

8. Bako: A male child who was born after the arrival of visitors in a household.

9. Bakwai: A seventh male child in a family.

10. Balarabe: male child born on Wednesday

11. Bara: A first male child who was born after his siblings are all females. Bara in Hausa means to beg i.e they begged him out.

12. Barau: A remaining son who was born after his successors are dying.

13. Barmani: A female child that survived after her mother lost her successors 

14. Danamarya: son of the new wife.

15. Danasabe: child born on Saturday

16. Dandawo : A male child who was born when his mother was pounding millet delicacy used in preparing Hura.

17. Dangali: An only son in a family.

18. Dangana: Patient one

19. Danjuma : male child born on Friday

20. Danladi : male child born on Sunday

21. Danlami : male child born on Thursday

22. Dandare : means born at night, small and great

23. Dare: A male child who was born at night.

24. Dari: One who was born during the excess cold.

25. Dawai : A male child who was born in a season when his father harvested plentiful bundles of Guinea-corn.

26. Duna: One who was black in complexion.

27. Gambo ; A male child after twins

28. Gambo: A female child after twins

29. Guntau: Short man.

30. Hana: A male child who was born in a family while they are mourning the death of a family member.

31. Hankurau: A husband who was extremely patient in a community.

32. Jariri: One who was extremely thin at the time of birth.

33. Jatau: A person who was fair in complexion.

34. Jigo: An only son born in the midst

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