Different Types Of Old Traditional Houses In Arewa (With Pictures)

Different Types Of Old Traditional Houses In Arewa (With Pictures)

 Different houses or Gida in Arewa simply means a unique way of building houses in northern Africa, especially by the Hausa people. It illustrates a joyful environment where people live, and the house serves as a gathering place for many different things. The houses are made of mud bricks and have a central area where everyone can come together. There are also sections for sleeping and cooking. In this article you will see different local traditional houses which you might not know because nowadays they are only found in very local villages in Arewa 

1. Shigifa 

The Shigifa is a transition entryway with alternating doorways that take you inside of the house which is known as Gida in hausa and to prevent a direct view into the cikin gida, the inside section of the house. The Shigifa, or the reception room of the Maigida, is where male family members formally meet. It is designed to keep the family part of the compound private, using alternating entrances for newcomers and farewells. This emphasizes the formality of Hausa customs, even a privileged visitor only sees a small part of the house by walking around the perimeter wall. In the Shigifa, wives also meet their male visitors, mainly relatives and well known people to their husband. It is also connected to the house heads section, the Turaka, guiding the compound.

Even the palace reception area is like the Shigifa in an ideal Hausa compound, also In wealthier homes, a hut, the Shigifa, gives access to the inside from the forecourt. It is divided to keep male visitors from looking in to the house. Horses, if there, might be stabled in the forecourt or a more interior court, along with wells and granaries.

So the shigifa acts as a transition space between the male and female areas in a house which is Gidain hausa. It is really important for how people talk and have private space in a Hausa home.

2. Bukka

A bukka or rumbu is a room or building designed to store several kinds of useful materials, such as grain or food. The waste material is used in agricultural and breeding projects to save grains, charcoal, cement, and other food products, among other things. The rumbles are two-thirds modern, modern traditional, and government store essentials. Bukka or Rumbu is a traditional crop preserved by Hausa farmers, after being harvested from the farm, all materials that need to be stored for a long time are kept inside such as Hatsi, Wake, Glory, and other products.

It is made from Kara and Gamba grass. After that, there is a hard drive. They are all doing the same thing. That is the closet, just like the upper and lower rooms. Rumbu or Bukka has been used for a long time and has been shown to be effective for food storage.

3. Daki

 Daki known as hut is a small dwelling that can be made from a number of local materials. Huts are vernacular architecture because they are constructed from locally available materials such as wood, snow, ice, stone, grass, palm leaves, branches, clay, hides, fabric, or mud using techniques passed down through generations.

A hut's construction is less complex than that of a house (durable, well-built dwelling), but more complex than that of a shelter (place of refuge or safety), such as a tent, and it is used as a temporary or seasonal shelter or as a permanent dwelling in some indigenous societies. Daki or Huts can be found in almost all nomadic cultures. Some huts are portable and can withstand most weather conditions.

4. Kudandani 

Kudandani is a round house with clay walls and flat clay roof, it is a round clay-built house with a mud, usually flat, roof is the same with vaulted roof. Some said it is a roundhouse built as the bin , the opening being closed by a removable cap of thatch.

Kudandani is build with yanga, those dry small trees, then a mud and Yaba is added that is to say, they are covered with mud, so that the yanga will not be seeing. Then close the top with marfin Cicci (grass). Also some said Kudandani is like Bukka. Its a room where some people work in it, some for storage of their items and some for other things just anything you wish to do with it.

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5. Dabi

Dabi is a traditional room, it is just like other rooms at the top but its not made with clay or mud, it is just like a canopy, which refers to an overhead cover, often formed by the upper layer of leaves and branches of trees in a forest or any similar natural setting, the woods are holding the roof which make it very difficult to fall. It has chairs for sitting and it provides shades, people sat there for relaxation and and many children use it for recreational activities, family gisting or for night stories (tatsuniya).

6. Makera

Makera is a Hausa word that means "smithery." The area is known for its blacksmithing, which was the area's main job, as a result, the area was named as Makera. The act of smithing usually generates income for the people of that area because the blacksmith creates household utensils, farming tools, weapons, and so on, so those who are specialize in the smithing of white iron, or we call it Makeran fari, on the other hand, they produce decorations for women, such as necklaces, earrings, and handrings known as jewelries, then there are few white smiths in the area, blacksmiths, or Makeran Baki, which are regarded as their masters.

So in this makera house people living there will create and make different things for household usage while others for sell. The design of Makera is just like for Dabi the only difference is that in Dabi people live their for relaxation while in makera for work

7. Ambuta

Abutata is also a traditional room or house, its triangular in shape just like Dabi and Makera, its not made with clay or mud but with branches and leaves of trees and a strong wood holding it which make it not to fall, Ambuta looks like a canopy, but the top of it is open which means at the top of it there's a small window which serve as door for going in and out, Its a storage facility for storing chickens at the top and for the down, its use for storing rams, goat and even cows.

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