Latest Arewa fashion dressing style for Women 2023/2024

 Latest Arewa fashion dressing style for Women 2023/2024

The mode of dressing of Arewa women remains a very unique and fascinating one. You can easily identify an Arewa woman or girl, just anywhere you find her through her dressing pattern.

In ancient times cloth weaving requires a lot of skills and patience due to the time consumption, because of that only few or interlectuals can handle that profession, others tend to use other means of body cover as dressing. Arewa people are experts in cloth weaving, as early as 12 to 13th century Arewa people are known for cotton farming which grows well in the vast plains of Hausaland especially in Rano and Kano. With high abundance of raw material it makes cloth weaving easier. Cotton and cotton fabric was once a huge commodity in hausaland as it is traded with many african empires of the time, such as Songhai Empire, Tuaregs etc. Hausawa using their technical skills known as "Azanci" began to produce cotton fabrics in large quantities some for trading with other nations while some for use within the hausa community by the Hausas. These clothes were beautifully colored with different dyes as evidenced in so many locations of Hausaland one of which was Kano dye pits in kofar mata, which has been in existence from 1498 till date. The Tuaregs have been good customers of Hausa fabrics, because of their love for the color blue they are sometimes referred to as "blue men of the dessert.

Atamfa or Ankara Dress 

Atamfa or Ankara is a descendant of early designs from the famous Tie-dye techniques the Hausa have for centuries been known for, it is named after the Hausa name for Accra the capital of what is now Ghana, and where an old Hausa speaking trading community still lives. The Arewa women can be identified by Zani which is called wrapper, and is accompanied by a matching blouse which we called Riga, head tie called Kallabi or dan kwali and a shawl or veil (Gyale). But nowadays alot of Arewa womens does not like this Zani which is wrapper, they prepare Skirt. A skirt is the lower part of a dress or a separate outer garment that covers a person from the waist downwards. The reason is because majority of them does not know how to tie it properly to look good in them, So because of that they prepare to wear skirt which is very simple in wearing. 

Ankara and Atamfa fabrics are often used for blouses, gowns and skirts of different designs, they sometime combine a blouse with wrapper or sometimes with skirts, they sew the cloth in very beautiful and amazing way and in different colors, they choose a perfect veil that is matching with their dress and put for special occasions, party, or for everyday activities, and even for a working place.


Hijab Generally refers to various head covering which is worn by alot of Muslim women. Hijab can come in many forms, it often specifically refers to a headscarf, wrapped around the head, covering the hair, neck and ears, but leaving the face visible

The Hijab is so important in Islam, as women in Islam use the hijab to cover their head down to their chest in other to prevent any Man that they are not related to from seeing some part of their body. So that is why whenever you see a Muslim woman, you will definitely see her always covering her body when ever she is walking on the street. The use of the hijab has been on the rise worldwide since the 1970s and is viewed by many Muslims as expressing modesty and faith.

 Also, another beautiful and amazing thing about these Arewa women is that you will see them always dressed up so decently without them exposing their body part, because Just by looking at all these beautiful and adorable Arewa women, you can tell how beautiful and Adorable they all are in their hijabs. It ia very important for Arewa women to be dressed in accordance with their local or traditional ways or their elegant attires that does not show much of their skin or body. Arewa women have different kind of hijabs, there are some that are very long which shows only their faces, some shows their face and hands only, and in these days there are some hijabs that looks like a gown dress, they decorate them with different accessories to makes them beautiful and sturning.

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 A gown is more than just a garments, it is a works of art that embody the essence of Hausa culture. Each gown tells a story through its meticulous craftsmanship and symbolic embellishments, reflecting the customs, values, and history of the Arewa people. A gown is a loose outer garment worn by women that goes in length from the knee to the full length. A modern day gown can refer to various kinds of garments. It can refer to a woman's dress, particularly a formal or fancy dress. It can also refer to a dressing gown or even night gown Gowns are also worn on various formal or ceremonial occasions, from weddings to festive celebrations and formal events, Arewa gown dress are revered for their elegance and grace, making every occasion a memorable one. They wear gowns of different fabrics, different designs and in different styles, some are made with laces, Atamfa, Ankara, Shadda and many more, it is the most simple and flexible dress to wear.



Abaya is a fashion piece that is most commonly worn by Muslim women. It is designed to cover the entire body of a woman except the head, hand s and feets. Arewa women frequently wear abaya these days expecially on Friday or during Walima ceremony, or for going to work, it is hard to go to any and street and didn't find a woman with Abaya most expecially on Fridays, 

The abaya has a long history that has to do with cultural and religious traditions. It developed throughout the centuries and originated in the Arabian Peninsula, it was a simple piece of clothing used to protect individuals from the harsh desert environment. The Abaya is now used all over the world. The abaya became associated with the concept of modesty and the Quranic principles of modest dress as Islam spread. It came to represent cultural identity and religious adherence. Various regions developed their own abaya styles and variations over time, incorporating local fabrics, designs, and embellishments.


laces dress is another dressing style for Arewa women, it is a lovely native attire option that looks stunning on African women. Lace is a delicate fabric that can be fashioned by hand or by machine using yarn or thread arranged in an open web pattern. Even though there are other varieties of lace, such as knitted or crocheted lace, lace is generally classified into two main categories, needlelace and bobbin lace. Arewa women wear laces dress keeping in mind that traditions does not allow them to show much of their naked skin, or some body parts, even through lace, Hausa women still wear lace dresses that have a single-colored lining and look fabulous, It is one of the most popular options for weddings, especially when it is accompanied by a native scarves. Arewa brides wear long veils that enhance their beauty and add to their gracefulness, laces are sew in different designs and styles and they can be in form of gown, skirt and blouse or anything you want

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