How to Prepare The Latest Gurasa Food in Arewa

 How to Make The Latest Gurasa Food in Arewa

Gurasa is a local bread or a local snack that is popular among the Arewacin Nigeria or nothern part of Nigeria. It is similar to bread except that the dough is lighter. This local Arewa bread is eaten for breakfast, lunch, or as a snack.

Gurasa found it way to Nigeria after some Arabian travellers settled in Kano state, they made the local bread themselves in the dala local government of Kano state. So eventually, it became food for the kings and rich ones, before it spread to other northern parts of Nigeria. It became so popular that the local bread is one of the affordable foods and nowadays is found anywhere in Arewa. This food is even sell online by different people in different states of Arewa.

The Gurasa is made like the conventional method of baking bread, there is a mixture of wheat flour, eggs, yeast and sugar. The batter is baked in the local Hausa oven called the Tanderu or Tanda, which is made of a clay molded area and the heat us fueled by firewood or charcoal. The baked gurasa is usual thin and flat in a circular shape. The baked Gurasa is left to cool for a day or two, the taken to be prepared for consumption.

The Gurasa loaf is dipped in water, then kuli kuli powder is smeared all over it. The kuli kuli powder is from dried groundnut cakes which have been roasted and grounded, with the oil extracted from the groundnut, the made into shapes. Below i will explain how to prepare the latest yummy Gurasa in Arewa.

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First Method 


First of all bring One cup of flour then, have one tablespoon of sugar, half teaspoon salt, and then one teaspoon yeast, mixed in that then also have some Yaji which is basically call pepe and Kuli kuli, some vegetable oil with some onions fried in it, then chopped tomatoes onions, chilies also have some potash in hausa it's called kanwa so just mixed it with some water you will need it when you put it on the stove then also have like one cup of water you might need about three quarters three, three fourths of that


So just go ahead and pour in the sugar, salt and yeast mix them make sure you stir it well, then activate the yeast which you can go ahead and pour. Now if you use one cup of flour i would advise you use about three fourths of a cup of water in order to get the nice consistency. Now put in one cup and you will get the consistency and if you realized it was a bit loose so just go ahead and just added like a handful of flour and then mix it again to get the consistency. Now the next thing you need to do is to just cover it up and put it in a warm space for about 20 to 30 minutes for the yeast to activate and rise a bit and after about 30 minutes or so in a warm place you can see the bubbles the yeast has activated


The next we are going to go to the stove top, have a hot pan just put in some sprinkles of the kanwa which is potash, mixing water in the pan you will see it sizzling if the pan is already hot then next you go ahead and grab your flour mixture and pour in a couple scoops like you want them to be not too large basically the size is up to you. So you can just kind of flatten it in to your own choice of circles, then when you pour it in, what you are going to do is to go ahead and cover up, cover the pan and then you leave it to sit for about four to five minutes then once the bottom is bit hard then you can go ahead and flip it then you want the other side to cook for about three to four minutes and you can check that, you can live it to cook for a bit longer because you want the dough to be cooked through 


When it's done you should went ahead to put the rest of the batch and then do the same for them until you get the required amount. This is oven free method just do it on the stove top, you will see that it's a bit chewy and you can just go ahead and start the presentation to give it that finish.


So the oil that is fried and the onions in you just go ahead and kind of sprinkle a bit you want to give it that iony flavor with a little bit of oil then you go ahead and add the kuli that has been pounded already. So it's basically from peanut and it has this nutty flavor and then it already has some spices in it, a little bit of salt then after that you can put your Yaji which is pepper, and it has some spices in it too like garlic, ginger and salt so it's really spicy too so be careful as you add this you can kind of add that according to your spice level.


Then the last but not the least, that chopped onions chopped tomatoes and then a little bit of chopped chilies that green colored one and then you can just go ahead and sprinkle that on your plate on your on your Gurasa its just like a snack we used to have. 



  • 4 cups flour
  • 1 tablespoon yeast (flat)
  • Salt/Sugar to taste
  • Water as required

* First, the flour will be sifted, then yeast is added, follow by salt added to it, and then water will be slowly added until it is as required and it should not be watery, and it should not be too strong.

* Then let it swell for about thirty minutes. Then put the hair or brush which are called blasting brush in (the fire frying pan, use non-stick).

* Fetch small amount with your hand or you can use a big spoon then use the hair or brush to like spread it, live it for some minutes, you can turn it to check if it is as required or the way you want it to be, if it then flip for the other side to cook. When it is removed placed in a container and covered so that it does not dry out.

* Repeat the procedure until you get the amount you want. This Gurasa can be eaten even with Badi, this Badi is made up of kuli-kuli, maggi, yaji. Then you and some fried oil, onions and other things you want.


1. Pour 2 cups of Flour in a bowl.

2. Add 1/2 teaspoon salt 

3. Then add one 1 teaspoon of yeast.

4. Next is to pour 1 and half cup of warm water

5. Mix them very very well until it's as required.

6. Now cover the dough and set for about 30 minutes.

7. wash your hand and clean 

8. Now fetch a small portion of the dough and spread with your hand in a fry pan which is already put on fire.

9. Now put small amount of sesame seeds and let it cook for some minutes.

10. Flip the pan for the other side to cook, watch carefully for the color you want. Like some people like it to turn too dark but not burnt. Then serve with kulli kulli and other spices you want, enjoy your local snack.

Thank you for reading our article, please share to your family and friends, you can also comment your favorite foods and snacks if you there's any recipee you want to learn write it in the comment section. Thank you 

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